August 13, 2023

The Thuya By Minimaliste

Quebec City, QC // 260 Sq.Ft. // $125,500+USD // By Minimaliste

Introducing "Thuya", made by tiny house builder Minimaliste and crafted in Quebec City, Canada. This new edition to the company's offerings is a 10x26 model, an ideal park model-size dwelling. Despite its compact dimensions, this tiny home is designed to encapsulate all the essential features necessary for a comfortable living experience. Impressively, the Thuya manages to exude a sense of open space reminiscent of larger models, ensuring a seamless and expansive ambiance.

The Thuya is a testament to the art of balance and versatility when it comes to layout and design elements. Its relatively shorter length doesn't compromise its ability to create an inviting atmosphere, particularly evident in the welcoming living area and well-appointed kitchen. Remarkably, even though it's a 26-foot-long model without a downstairs bedroom, the Thuya compensates with a comfortable loft that can accommodate extra guests, along with a convenient sofa bed in the living area. With its exceptional design and high-end finishes, the Thuya emerges as an ideal choice for luxury short-term rentals, providing an elevated experience within a compact, open-space design.

In Minimaliste's category of semi-permanent dwellings, the Thuya stands as the smallest yet radiates with an abundance of windows that flood the interior with natural light when strategically positioned on the land. Its signature shed roof slope not only adds to its aesthetics but also maximizes the sense of vertical space upon entry. The exterior cladding options offer a stylish blend of horizontal wood grain imitation steel combined with vertical steel siding, or a fusion of horizontal cedar and vertical steel siding. The trims and roofing are versatile in color, allowing customers to choose between white, charcoal, or black, in accordance with their preferences.

Inside, the Thuya is thoughtfully optimized to make the most of its compact dimensions. The well-lit living area seamlessly merges with the dining space, comfortably accommodating four occupants. Nestled in a clever bump-out section, the couch fosters interaction with the rest of the dwelling. A television can be seamlessly incorporated into the loft wall. The fully equipped kitchen caters to short stays and is equally suitable for full-time living. The bathroom, positioned at the back of the tiny house, features a loft bedroom accessible through a practical storage staircase. This area can also accommodate a washer and dryer if desired, or provide additional storage. The standard interior features engineered plywood siding painted in white for walls and stained pine siding for the ceiling.

Engineered wood, elegantly painted in white, adorns the interior, creating a harmonious atmosphere across the kitchen, dining room, living area, bathroom, and both downstairs and loft bedrooms. The well-equipped kitchen boasts an oven, cooktop, LG refrigerator, dishwasher, backsplash, and cabinets. Choosing between an electric or propane oven and cooktop, along with a stainless steel or farmhouse sink, offers flexibility to homeowners. The bathroom offers a vanity, storage, medicine cabinet, sink, and shower, with the choice between a standard flush or composting toilet. Ensuring safety, the Thuya comes complete with a fire detector and extinguisher.

With pricing starting at $125,500 USD, the Thuya beckons those seeking a refined living experience combined with minimalist design. It's an invitation to embrace the balance of functional living within a thoughtfully designed space.

Images © Minimaliste

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