August 13, 2023

P'tit Nid Mobile

Manufactured by P'tit Nid Mobile and originating from Sommières, France, this tiny house showcases a distinct approach to design. Conceptualized by Romain Lemonnier of P’tit Nid Mobile, the house features a predominant use of wood, creating a consistent and natural aesthetic.

The design emphasizes curved lines, contributing to its unique appearance and practical layout. It comprises two loft bedrooms, accessible through staircases, each capable of accommodating a double-sized bed. The addition of a floating outdoor terrace expands the living area, creating an engaging outdoor space.

Inside, the living room is outfitted with integrated seating for a functional living experience. The bathroom is positioned below the sleeping loft, optimizing space efficiency. The relatively high ceilings contribute to a sense of openness.

The kitchen area is equipped with a two-burner cooktop and open shelving, ensuring practicality while minimizing clutter.

Overall, this P'tit Nid Mobile tiny house is a demonstration of streamlined design and efficient use of space, offering a practical and comfortable living solution.

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Images © Anna Malmberg

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