Self-Sustaining Lumbec Tiny House

Tiny House Lumbec has just finished its newest tiny house! The 26' home is a custom build that will be totally self-sufficient!

The home comes with a battery system and a generator. The home's new owner plans to add solar panels in the spring, which will make the home totally off-grid!

The interior features a double staircase that leads up to the home's loft bedroom and an entertainment loft. There's also a living room area at the home's entrance with a built-in sofa and a closet. The kitchen comes equipped with a three-burner cooktop and propane range, a full-sized fridge, open shelving, and plenty of cabinet space. There's also a bathroom with a composting toilet!

If you like this home, be sure to check out Lumbec's other homes: the Micro House and the TH2.

You can also reach out to the company here for questions and/or inquiries!


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Images ©  Tiny House Lumbec

The Vagabond Tiny House (390 Sq Ft)

From Vagabond Tiny Homes, a builder based in Calgary, Canada, is this stunning, luxury tiny home that's completely off-grid!

The home is built onto a triple-axel 28' gooseneck trailer and is designed for year-round living. The exterior features double-treated cedar siding and galvanized steel, with a copper finished roof. Inside the home are sturdy Douglas fir plywood walls and a stylish interior with just 39 sq ft of space!

The home's modern kitchen features a three-burner stainless steel cooktop, a fridge, and a stainless steel sink. You also have the option to have a convectional microwave, an electrical oven, or a propane oven installed! Also included in the home is a master loft bedroom, a second smaller loft space, and a bathroom with a rounded tempered glass shower.

The house also comes well-insulated to withstand cold Canadian winters, and even has double paned windows! There's also solar cell integration to help keep the home self-sufficient.

The model pictured here is currently offered for sale on Tiny House Listings Canada for $109,000 CAD (about $84,721 USD).

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Images ©  Vagabond Tiny Homes

Cabin Sweet Cabin (330 Sq Ft)

Have a look at this cozy cabin getaway, available from ModCabins, with just 330 sq ft of space!

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the cabin is nestled next to Shope Creek and surrounded by woods. However, if you'd like to experience a vibrant nightlife as well, downtown is a quick ride away!

The interior of the Cabin Sweet Cabin features a master suite with. queen sized bed, a living room with a wood burning stove, a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom. It's a perfect getaway for a couple seeking a romantic getaway, and/or someone needed some alone time to relax and unwind!

The home is available for booking here at $175 a night with a 2-3 night minimum.

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Images ©  ModCabins