April 25, 2020


What is a tiny house?
A tiny house is a residential structure under 500 sq ft.

They aren't really a new phenomenon. Tee pees, the one-room cabins of the pioneers, the yurts of Mongolian nomads- all examples of small structures people have lived in throughout history. But throughout the 1900's, as the middle class grew, so did the size of houses. Now, in the past few years, people are returning to their small dwelling roots.

Most people think of tiny houses as a home-looking thing on wheels, but there's a number of ways to go tiny; in an RV, a modular home, a park model home, a condo/apartment, a cabin, cottage, treehouses, or even any regular house- just as long as it's all under 500 sq ft!

Why go tiny?
There's a number of great reasons to go tiny!

  • it's affordable: housing prices are climbing, especially in major cities. In my hometown of Toronto, the average home price hit $1 million earlier this year! You can buy tiny houses much nicer than most of the homes here for a fraction of that
  • it's environmentally friendly: a tiny house needs less resources to build and maintain. Great for reducing your environmental impact!
  • promotes minimalism: if you're looking to declutter, a tiny house is the perfect place to do it. It's hard to hold onto stuff you don't need or use when you're looking to save space!
  • mobility: if you want to travel or maybe just have a different backyard every few months, it's easy to do in a tiny house! A tiny house on wheels can be towed from place to place, or if you opt for a shipping container your home can go right onto a truck.

About the blog
Tiny House Town is a blog I started back in December of 2015 to inspire tiny house living. I think they're a great solution to a lot of social and environmental problems- in addition to being pretty cool to look at!
With housing prices surging in major cities, and many more people making decisions to live simpler lives, tiny houses are gaining popularity as a simple and affordable means of living. They also have a reduced impact on the environment which is great for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle!
If you have a tiny house you’d like to share, please do so by emailing me at tinyhousetown [at] gmail [dot] com.

About Me
Jen - Tiny House Town Founder 
Hello, I'm Jen. I started Tiny House Town in of 2015. I found a video about them on YouTube, thought they were neat, but couldn't find a blog where I could just aimlessly scroll for hours and look at different tiny homes. So I started my own.

I love running this blog. I've had the great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Whether you just think they're neat, or you want to buy and live in a tiny home for yourself, it's definitely something that draws people together.

If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. And don’t forget to like Tiny House Town on Facebook!

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