August 25, 2023

Noyer XL Tiny Home From Minimaliste

Saint-Pierre, QC // 350 Sq Ft // $149,500 USD or $188,250 CAD

Looking for a tiny house that offers more space and versatility? The Noyer XL, built by Minimaliste of Saint-Pierre, Québec, might be the perfect fit for you.

This tiny house is an extended version of the popular Noyer design, featuring an additional 7ft in length that allows for a downstairs bedroom at the back of the home. This extra space can accommodate more sleeping capacity, and even a bunk bed or a double bed in the downstairs bedroom, while the loft bedroom can fit a queen-size bed.

Apart from the added bedroom, the Noyer XL also features an upraised living area, which provides more storage space. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials, and the dining area is located in a dedicated space. The bathroom may be compact, but it is optimized to be functional, even for full-time living.

The exterior design of the Noyer XL is similar to the original Noyer, with its dynamic double-pitched roof. The materials used for the exterior cladding can be a combination of horizontal wood grain imitation steel with vertical steel siding, or horizontal cedar with vertical steel siding. Trims and roofing can be customized to white, charcoal, or black, depending on your preference.

Inside, the Noyer XL's layout is versatile and can cater to different types of households. It is divided into different zones, without compromising the open space feeling. One significant difference from the original Noyer design is the location of the bathroom. The small hallway provides access to the downstairs bedroom, without the need to go through the bathroom, which makes it more practical for those living in the tiny house.

The Noyer XL comes with white painted engineered siding for the walls and stained knotty pine for the ceiling, giving it a modern yet cozy ambiance. And the best part is, financing options are available for those who want to own this beautiful tiny house.

In summary, the Noyer XL is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tiny house that offers more space and versatility. With its added bedroom and upraised living area, this tiny house can provide a comfortable and functional living space without compromising on design and style. You can review the spec/tech sheet for the home here.

Images © Minimaliste

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