August 25, 2023

Drovers’ Bough Treehouse

Lower Maescoed, Herefordshire // £275/night // Available for Rent

Introducing the captivating Drovers’ Bough, an award-winning treehouse crafted by Akin Studio. Tucked away near the English/Welsh border, Drovers’ Bough stands as an exquisite retreat along an ancient drovers track. Secluded a mile away from any public road, it rests gracefully in the serene foothills of the Black Mountains.

Accessed through an oak staircase, this exceptional treehouse radiates warmth with its wood-burning stove. Inside, a king-size bed promises restful nights, surrounded by nature’s tranquility.

A fully-equipped kitchen, featuring an oven, induction stovetop, and fridge, eagerly awaits culinary adventures. The bathroom, a testament to nature’s embrace, offers a spring-fed bath and shower, alongside a flushing toilet.

Located in Herefordshire, Drovers' Bough stands not only as a treehouse but also as a recipient of the esteemed Architect's Journal Small Projects Award 2022. Its architectural design gracefully echoes the aesthetics of local agricultural structures. The elongated and narrow structure, reminiscent of an old drover's path, stands on green oak stilts, connected by a graceful staircase. From this vantage point, the splendor of the Black Mountains unfolds.

Internally, a double-height living space unveils itself, complemented by a generous opening leading to a sun-soaked south-facing terrace. A mezzanine level hosts a cozy elevated bedroom, while a well-appointed kitchen and bathroom rest below. Thoughtfully positioned small windows offer peeks into the surrounding countryside as you ascend. Two east and west-facing windows fold back entirely, seamlessly merging the interior with the outdoors and the adjacent trees.

The construction of Drovers’ Bough exemplifies harmony with the environment. With minimal disturbance to the earth, metal screw pile foundations support each stilt. Local resources such as larch, oak, natural plaster, and a massive found piece of slate, forming the first step of the external stair, compose this masterpiece. Powered by solar panels and supplied with fresh water from a local spring, Drovers’ Bough encapsulates sustainability and a profound connection to its surroundings.

Images © Akin Studio & Drovers' Bough

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