August 16, 2023

Far Out Hideout Treehouse

Featured on Season 10, Episode 3 of Treehouse Masters, this treehouse is located in Eastern Washington and is the creation of renowned treehouse builder, Peter Nelson. Nestled within a grove of five ponderosa pine trees, this off-the-grid retreat roosts about 13 feet above the ground, offering a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape.

The design seamlessly blends with the rugged aesthetics of Eastern Washington. Utilizing reclaimed materials such as a rusted steel roof and textured reclaimed wood siding, the treehouse exudes a sun-bleached charm that harmonizes with its environment. A thoughtfully designed staircase provides access to the deck.

A distinctive feature of this treehouse is the inclusion of large-scale "dream nets." These unique hammock-like hangout spaces, tailor-made to fit the trees' layout, provide both a playful and relaxing atmosphere.

A key support to the treehouse is a sturdy pine, integrated seamlessly into the design. The treehouse's deck offers sweeping forest views, and classic hog wire railing panels enhance safety without obstructing the vistas.

Inside, the space is both functional and comfortable. It features a bed, seating area, dining table, kitchenette, and a cast-iron gas stove. An iron ladder leads to an airy loft with additional seating. Natural light streams through numerous windows, illuminating the reclaimed Doug fir flooring. The treehouse is also equipped with a bathroom featuring a compostable toilet.

Overall, this treehouse captures the essence of Eastern Washington's environment, offering a unique and immersive retreat experience.

Images © Nelson Treehouses

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