August 19, 2023

The Box Shipping Container Treehouse

Dundee, OH // $200/night // Available For Rent

Welcome to "The Box," a unique and innovative offering within the picturesque treehouse village of Dwell Boxes tiny house resort in Dundee, Ohio. Set amidst the tranquil canopy, The Box stands as a distinctive shipping container retreat that embodies modernity, nature, and minimalist design in perfect harmony.

In this extraordinary abode, guests will discover a haven of peace and unity with nature. The Box invites you to immerse yourself in its minimalist aesthetic, where every element is thoughtfully curated to delight the senses and create a restorative atmosphere.

The living room, a hub of comfort and connection, features expansive windows that frame the surrounding foliage, inviting the outside world in. A small wood-burning stove stands as a cozy focal point, infusing the space with warmth and charm.

The Box redefines the concept of retreat, offering a remarkable synthesis of contemporary design and natural serenity. Set within the lush embrace of trees, this innovative shipping container promises an unforgettable experience at Dwell Box tiny house resort in Dundee, Ohio.

Images © Dwell Boxes

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