July 09, 2023

The Mountain Chickadee by Rewild Tiny Homes

The Mountain Chickadee, built by Rewild Tiny Homes in Cobble Hill, BC, is a stunning 34' x 10' tiny house that offers a bright and open canvas for customization. With extra windows and a fully white interior, this home feels incredibly spacious and filled with natural light, creating a sense of openness that defies its compact size. It has even made its way to Nakusp, showcasing its mobility and versatility.

Some of the highlights of The Mountain Chickadee include ample cabinet space, providing plenty of storage options to keep belongings organized. The main floor bedroom features a cabinet Murphy bed, allowing for efficient use of space and the flexibility to convert the area into a multifunctional living space when needed. Additionally, there is a storage loft space located above the bathroom, offering extra room for keeping items out of sight yet easily accessible.

The exterior of The Mountain Chickadee showcases a beautiful West Coast style, adding charm and character to the overall design. A bay window bump-out provides additional interior space, creating a cozy nook for relaxation or as a designated reading corner. The exterior also features an external hot/cold water tap, offering convenience for outdoor activities and washing.

In terms of appliances, The Mountain Chickadee is equipped with an electric cooktop, ensuring easy and efficient cooking capabilities. The electric on-demand water heater provides instant hot water, while the drawer-style dishwasher offers convenience for quick and hassle-free cleanups. A full-sized fridge completes the kitchen area, allowing for ample storage of fresh groceries and food items.

The Mountain Chickadee is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Rewild Tiny Homes. With its bright and open interior, abundant storage solutions, and well-chosen appliances, it provides a comfortable and customizable living space that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Images © Rewild Tiny Homes

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