July 09, 2023

Eureka Tiny House (192 Sq.Ft.)

Launching Place, Australia // 192 Sq.Ft. // $40k-$126k+ // By Tiny House by Hangan

The Eureka tiny home, built by Tiny House by Hangan in Launching Place, Australia, offers a versatile and compact living solution. With a width of 2.4m, length of 7.2m, and height of 4.3m, this tiny house provides a square meter footage of 17.28 sq.m. It is designed to accommodate 2-4 people comfortably. There's also a 4.8-meter opinion that accommodates 2 people.

The Eureka comes with a range of standard inclusions to ensure a comfortable living experience. The interior features waterproof hybrid flooring, MDF lining boards for internal lining, LED downlights, and a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Split System 2.5KW for climate control. The kitchen area includes electric hot water, an electric cooktop, a handmade Tasmanian Oak benchtop, under-bench storage, a ceramic sink, and space for a full-size fridge. 

The bathroom boasts a walk-in tiled shower with a rain showerhead, subway-tiled walls, and a ceramic basin. The toilet can be customized to either a composting or flushing toilet based on preference. The living area is designed with a sliding aluminum glass entrance door and a fold-away breakfast bar/study desk for added functionality.

The loft bedroom offers space for a queen-size mattress and provides a cozy sleeping area. Additionally, there is ample space to mount a TV for entertainment.

The Eureka tiny house is built with quality materials and attention to detail. Optional upgrades can be requested to further personalize the space. With its efficient design and well-thought-out features, the Eureka model by Tiny House by Hangan offers a practical and stylish living solution.

Images © Tiny House by Hangan

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