July 24, 2023

The Freedom Series 8400NLR by Designer Eco Tiny Homes

The Freedom Series 8400NLR is a beautifully designed tiny home model, made by Designer Eco Tiny Homes in Ulladulla, Australia. With a length of 8.4 meters, height of 3.750 meters, and width of 2.4 meters, this tiny home provides a compact and versatile living space.

The interior of the Freedom Series 8400NLR is thoughtfully equipped with various features to enhance comfort and convenience. It includes reverse-cycle air conditioning and a ceiling fan to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. Double-glazed windows contribute to energy efficiency and insulation. Blinds are installed throughout the home, offering privacy and light control.

The exterior of the home features a distinctive shiplap cedar design, adding a touch of natural beauty and charm. Inside, the tiny home offers a range of amenities. It includes a flushing toilet and ample storage space to keep belongings organized. There is a single TV point for entertainment options.

The bedroom is designed to accommodate a queen-sized bed, providing a cozy and inviting sleeping area. The kitchen area features a gas cooktop, rangehood, and electric oven, making it suitable for cooking meals. A 230L fridge is included for storing food and beverages. As an optional extra, a compost toilet can be added for an additional cost of $1,650.00 (including GST).

The  Freedom Series 8400NLR showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Designer Eco Tiny Homes. With its well-designed layout and quality features, this tiny home offers a comfortable and functional living space.

Images © Designer Eco Tiny Homes

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