June 30, 2023

The Peak by Grimshaw Architects (377 Sq.Ft.)

London, UK // 377 Sq.Ft. // $110k-150k // By Grimshaw Architects 

The Peak tiny house, designed by Grimshaw Architects, is a prefabricated dwelling created to address Australia's housing crisis and support homeless youth through the not-for-profit organization Kids Under Cover. The project, known as The Peak, offers an affordable housing option for young people who are priced out of the housing market in Australian cities. The 35-square-meter tiny house features a queen-sized bed, kitchen, bathroom, and living quarters.

Designed to be completely off-grid or integrated with city infrastructure mains, The Peak incorporates IKEA furniture within a double-height volume. All profits from the project go towards supporting Kids Under Cover in Melbourne and the state of Victoria. The goal of The Peak is to provide a high-quality, affordable home that contributes to the organization's mission.

The structure of the tiny house is constructed using laminated timber based on the dimensions of IKEA modules. The raised flooring accommodates plumbing, electrical, and building systems, and can also accommodate a composting toilet. The design allows homeowners to customize their space while keeping the price affordable. The prototype can be used as a standalone structure or combined with other small structures to form a neighborhood.

As part of the micro-living movement addressing housing shortages, The Peak is the first prototype in Grimshaw's efforts to tackle affordability and housing density. The architects aim to continue exploring tiny home construction to address larger issues such as the housing crisis. The Peak offers an affordable and sustainable compact home that supports Nestd, a social enterprise of Kids Under Cover working to prevent youth homelessness.

Available in single (Peak 1) or two-story (Peak 2) configurations, The Peak has a footprint of 32.5m2. It features a double-height entrance with large glazed panels to maximize natural light and create a spacious feel. The interior incorporates a cube-shaped pod that integrates the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, and couch spaces, offering ample storage and customization options. Peak 2 includes an additional bedroom and enclosed balcony on the upper level, with a raked ceiling and a double-height void enhancing the sense of space and light.

The structure of The Peak is made from sustainably sourced timber LVL and features metal external wall cladding. The angled roof design allows for optimal photovoltaic performance. Every home sold by Nestd directs 100% of the profit back into Kids Under Cover's charitable work. The Grimshaw practice previously supported Kids Under Cover with MySpace, a cubby house designed and built for the organization's 2017 Cubby House Challenge.

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