June 30, 2023

Meco Tiny House (258 Sq.Ft.)

The Meco Tiny House, designed by Madeiguincho, is a versatile space that encourages both comfort and fun for the clients and their children. With a total area of 24 m² (258 sq.ft.), the house was completed in 2022 in Portugal. The clients desired a space that could serve as a comfortable working area while also stimulating their children's playfulness. Additionally, the house was designed to operate as an off-grid system, requiring ample space for technical setup.

The design concept of the Meco Tiny House incorporates playful elements throughout, starting with the roof's unique pitches that evoke the charm of traditional gable roof wooden houses but with a distinctive movement to pique visitors' curiosity. The facade features patterns that dislocate themselves in various sizes and spacings, adding to the playful character of the house. Steel round windows were chosen for their curved shapes and ability to create interesting light entrances. The rough finish of the steel adds a contrasting and visually captivating element to the light-filled spaces.

Inside, the house comprises two bedrooms, a long countertop serving as both the kitchen and office area, a walk-in closet with a washbasin, and a small bathtub room accessible from the entrance. The lower bedroom is elevated from the ground to accommodate the technical area necessary for an off-grid system, housing batteries, inverters, solar panels, and water boilers. This bedroom also serves a social role, while the upper bedroom provides more privacy and protection for the children. The varying levels throughout the house allow for a more direct engagement of the children in everyday activities, fostering a playful dynamic. The materials chosen for the interior further enhance the sense of fun, with birch plywood showcasing movement through its vein patterns and yellow Formica bringing light and brightness to create a joyful environment.

Images © Madeiguincho

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