June 30, 2023

The Nordic Fjöll (172 Sq.Ft.)

Sendenhorst, Germany // 172 Sq.Ft. // By VEKA

The Nordic Fjöll, a 16-square-meter mobile tiny house, was designed and built in Germany's first tiny house village in Mehlmeisel. Created by German window company VEKA, known for their PVC-U windows and doors, this eco-friendly micro-house showcases the company's sustainable solution for smaller living spaces.

The Nordic Fjöll takes inspiration from Scandinavian styling and is designed to be transportable, weighing under 3.5 tons. The choice of VEKA's PVC-U window profile was driven not only by its structural advantages but also its weight savings, contributing to the overall mobility of the tiny house. The VEKA SOFTLINE double doors offer a seamless connection to the natural surroundings, fully opening up the space.

The windows feature an internal white finish, creating a bright and airy interior, while the exterior showcases a dark natural wood-look grain, adding a touch of sophistication. The double-glazed window profiles provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, meeting the necessary weight restrictions for the structure.

Unlike traditional tiny houses built on chassis, the newer model of the Nordic Fjöll is constructed on a steel frame. This allows for easier transportation on a low loader without the strict weight limitations of a 3.5-ton trailer. This flexibility in weight allocation allowed the design to prioritize enhanced thermal insulation in the walls, which feature 16 cm of jute and triple-glazed windows and doors.

The Nordic Fjöll exemplifies VEKA's commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for the tiny house movement, providing an innovative and eco-friendly approach to compact living.

Images © VEKA

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