June 30, 2023

The Adraga Tiny House (194 Sq.Ft.)

The Adraga Tiny House is a shelter designed for a retired couple who sought to live in close proximity to nature. 

The design of the Adraga was primarily driven by a desire to bring as much fresh air and sunshine into the home as possible. This resulted in large operable doors for the home's front entrance. The home also includes a galley kitchen, living room and dining space, a relatively spacious bathroom, and a second-floor bedroom, accessible by a flight of stairs.

To enhance the sense of openness, a pivoting door was positioned at the center of the corridor, providing a panoramic view of the entire house when opened. Additionally, a "sky window" was strategically placed at the top of the stairs, establishing a direct connection with the outside and promoting a more fluid spatial experience.

Designed and made in Portugal by Madeiguincho, the Adraga Tiny House spans an area of 18 m² (194 sq.ft.) and was completed in 2021. It offers a unique living environment that allows the retired couple to enjoy nature while still benefiting from the comforts and functionality of a well-designed compact home.

Images © João Carranca

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