June 30, 2023

Perfect House by Express Tiny Homes (240 Sq.Ft.)

Listowel, ON // 240 SF // $125,000USD // Available For Sale

Express Tiny Homes, located in Listowel, Ontario, offers a great solution for those seeking a cozy yet spacious living experience with their tiny homes on wheels. With various size options available, including 8x30, 10x35, and 10x40, they can provide the perfect fit for your needs.

Step into the beauty of an open-concept living room and kitchen, designed to maximize space and functionality. Beneath the stairs, you'll find ample storage in the cabinets, ensuring that every inch of your Tiny Home is utilized efficiently. The primary bedroom, conveniently located on the main floor, offers a patio walk-out, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors right at your doorstep. The bathroom features a full-sized 3-piece setup, and the modern kitchen is equipped with an oven, fridge, and built-in microwave. The handcrafted kitchen features solid wood and a luxurious quartz countertop, complemented by a convenient cooktop.

For those needing additional space, the loft area is large enough to accommodate a queen or even a king-size bed, or it can serve as extra storage. The exterior is finished with stunning luxury vinyl siding backed by an impressive 50-year warranty, ensuring both durability and elegance for years to come. The tiny homes are expertly insulated with sprayed foam throughout, providing excellent R-value for superior insulation. Temperature control is made easy with the mini-split heater, which also functions as an air conditioner, ensuring year-round comfort in any climate.

Rest assured that your investment is protected with Express Tiny Homes' limited 10-year warranty. They also offer customization options, allowing you to create the Tiny Home of your dreams. With a lead time of only 3-4 months from the time a deposit is placed, you can be enjoying your new home in no time. Delivery options are available throughout the United States and Canada.

Express Tiny Homes provides the perfect solution for those seeking a well-designed, efficient, and customizable living space on wheels. Experience the freedom and comfort of tiny home living with their high-quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Images © Express Tiny Homes

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