June 30, 2023

Big Red by Rewild Tiny Homes (297 Sq.Ft.)

Cobble Hill, BC // 297 Sq.Ft. // By Rewild Tiny Homes

Big Red, built by Rewild Tiny Homes in Cobble Hill, BC, is a stunning 32' custom bohemian-style tiny house. This unique home showcases the beauty of local live edge wood, all sourced from the same stand of trees in the Cowichan Valley. The majority of the wood used in the house comes from a single tree, adding a remarkable cohesiveness to the design.

Some of the highlights of Big Red include the extensive use of live edge locally sourced wood throughout the interior. This creates a warm and rustic ambiance that perfectly complements the bohemian style. The bathroom features natural slate flooring with in-floor heating, offering both elegance and comfort. A large glass shower with beautifully tiled walls adds a touch of luxury to the space.

In terms of appliances, Big Red is equipped with a full-sized separate washing machine and dryer combo, a composting toilet, a dishwasher, an on-demand propane water heater, a propane range, and an over-the-range microwave/hood fan combo. These amenities ensure convenience and functionality in this compact living space.

To bring in ample natural light, a large skylight is installed in the bathroom, enhancing the overall brightness and openness of the house. It's important to note that Big Red doesn't have a dedicated bedroom or living room area. Instead, one wall was left open in two large sections and attached to a pre-existing structure on-site, which contains bedrooms and a living room.

Big Red is a testament to the creativity and adaptability of Rewild Tiny Homes. By incorporating locally sourced materials and unique design elements, they have created a bohemian-inspired oasis that seamlessly blends with its surroundings and offers a comfortable and inviting living experience.

Images © Rewild Tiny Homes

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