June 27, 2022

The Longview Tiny House By J Clay

Denver, CO / ~136 Sq Ft / $76,500

Take a look at the tiny house that’s won two major awards at two big tiny house festivals!

Named The Longview and built by J. Clay, the home was designed to be ultra-mobile. It’s constructed on a 16’ Trailer Made trailer with a steel frame. It was also built with the environment in mind, using reclaimed materials and a fully functional solar powered system to power the home.

It was also crafted to be as energy effect as possible. The exterior and interior are sealed with silicon to drastically reduce any heat loss from the home. There is also half an inch of ridge foam over the studs to limit the transfer and/or loss of heat. If you need to cool the home, there are operable skylights for passive cooling.

The Longview’s layout includes a functional kitchen with an induction stovetop and built-in wall oven. There is also a bathroom, office, living room, and bedroom. There’s even a drop-down deck to bring add some outdoor living space.

The home’s compact and efficient design is what makes it a proven winner. The Longview took “Best in Show” at the 2021 Colorado Tiny House Festival, and “The People’s Choice Award” at the People’s Tiny House Festival in 2021.

For more information about the home, contact the builder here

Images © J. Clay

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