June 27, 2022

The Helm Shipping Container Home (480 Sq Ft)

Waco, TX / 480 Sq Ft / $140,000

Repurposing shipping containers into homes has been a great new upcycling initiative, and The Helm shows just how beautiful a shipping container home can be!

Created by Texas-based Cargo Home, The Helm combines two shipping containers to create a unique space. The first-floor measures 40’ x 8’ with 320 sq ft of space, and upstairs spans 20’ x 8’ with 160 sq ft of space.

The Helm’s insulated interior is panelled in pine shiplap with barnwood trim. There are two bedroom and two bathrooms; one of each on the ground floor and the other two on the upper floor. There is also a kitchen, dining room, and outdoor deck space to round out a comfy home.

Interested? You can stay at one of these models in Waco, Texas, close to Magnolia Silos and Baylor University. Prices start at $145 a night, plus a $55 cleaning fee.

Images © Cargo Home

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