June 26, 2018

The Cedar House

Eolia, MO | 240 Sq Ft | $52,500

Available for sale in Missouri is The Cedar House; a 24’ tiny home built onto a bumper pull trailer. Originally built by Big River Tiny House, the cedar clad home is perfect for full-time living!


  • Spans 24’ x 8’
  • Kitchen: Whirpool oven range and refrigerator, 10” stainless steel sink
  • Bathroom: 36” shower, flush toilet
  • Loft bedroom, accessible by stairs
  • LG washer/dryer combination
  • Electric set up for 100-amp full service, but also has a 50-amp plug for RV park services
  • Cedar siding and solid hickory flooring
For more information and/or to purchase, contact the seller here!

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Images via Tiny House Marketplace

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