June 26, 2018

Contemporary Phoenix Tiny House

Phoenix, AZ | 310 Sq Ft | $74,500

At 30’ x 9’ this tiny home is rather spacious! The home is professionally built using high-quality materials and now currently available for sale.

  • Kitchen: fridge, electric stove, sink and faucet, cabinetry
  • Bathroom: 38” shower, sink and vanity, compost toilet, washer
  • Two spacious loft bedrooms with room for a king-sized bed
  • Utilities: energy efficient water heater, LED lighting
  • In-wall A/C unit with remote control
  • Well insulated
  • Premium hardwood laminate flooring, white vinyl dual-pane windows, and a metal roof
 For more information and/or to buy, check out the home's listing here!

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Images via Tiny House Marketplace

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