May 19, 2018

Navarre Mobile Studio

Navarre, OH | 256 Sq Ft | $26,000 (firm)

For those of you in retail, here’s an exciting opportunity to try something new! This mobile store is currently available for sale! The space would also work as a home office or studio, but its first and current owner used it as a traveling clothing store.
The space is completely custom-built and will make a terrific space for its new owner(s)!


  • Built onto a dual-axle Trailer Made trailer
  • Home measures 24’ x 8’ x 13’3”
  • Maximum weight of 14,000 (currently empty weight is ~6,000-8,000lbs)
  • Built using locally harvested lumber, reclaimed materials, and features a hand bent steel roof


  • Open floor plan
  • Sleeping loft (64 sq ft)
  • Fully wired with a breaker box, can plug into a 110 outlet on a 20-amp breaker
For more information and/or to contact the seller, check out the home's listing on Facebook here!

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Images © Mandi Sponseller / via Facebook

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