May 19, 2018

Mountain Home Tiny House

Mountain Home, ID | 196 Sq Ft | $27,000

A tiny house that supports a school program and provides its buyer with a beautiful and affordable home!
The tiny house pictured here is the third home built by students through Mountain Home School District’s Gifted and Talented program. Now finished, the home is available for sale!


  • Measurements: 20’ x 8’ x 13’5”
  • Built onto a 10,000lbs trailer from Tiny House Basics 
  • Insulation: R-15 rigid floor insulation, R-19 in floors and walls
  • Vinyl flooring throughout


  • Kitchen with maple butcherblock countertops repurposed from old shop tables
  • Office area with built-in shelving
  • Bathroom: flush toilet, fiberglass shower
For more information and/or to contact the seller, check out the home’s ad here!

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Images via Tiny House Marketplace

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