March 31, 2018

Roost 36 By Perch & Nest

The Roost 36 is a tiny home that's built to impress.

Created by and available for custom order from Perch & Nest, the home has a beautiful interior that's designed capitalize on all the space available to be as functional and liveable as possible. With its eye-catching exterior, and bright, open interior- this is definitely among the top tiny house models available on the market right now! In fact, its design is so popular, Perch & Nest has been tasked to recreate it a few times, including as an 18' model and as a rustic 24' model.


  • Glass entry and retractable screens maximize sunlight during the day
  • Zero VOC flooring and paint used throughout the interior
  • Vinyl plank flooring
  • Composite decking made from 100% recycled materials
  • Insulated with R-21 recycled denim
  • Kitchen: handcrafted concrete counter space, apron sink
  • Bathroom: an off-grid but flushable toilet, farmhouse bath tub, sink
  • Three bedrooms: two in the loft area on the home, one under the main loft

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Images © Perch and Nest

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