February 20, 2018

Snowboarder's DIY Tiny House

This tiny house was a DIY-build by Andy Bergin-Sperry; a snowboarder and craftsman from Bellingham, Washington. While working as a framer for a home construction company during the summer, Bergin-Sperry used scrap materials to create a tiny house on wheels in his spare time. The home is well-insulated and leak-proof and has everything its owner needs to live comfortably. There’s a table that folds against the home’s wall that’s perfect for dining or use as a workspace. There’s also a small kitchen inside and a sleeping nook. For showering, Bergin-Sperry opted to keep things clutter-free by moving the shower outdoors where a solar shower bag does the job.

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First Image: Tim Zimmerman / Remaining Images by Dylan Hallet / via TransWorld Snowboarding

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