January 25, 2018

Seaside Graduate Tiny House

Check out this beautiful seaside tiny home, the Graduate!

The home is designed and built by Designer Eco Homes of Australia. Its contemporary exterior features red cedar with a corrugated metal roof. Inside the home's bright and modern interior are two loft spaces, a full kitchen, bathroom, a lounge area, and a dining/workspace! The kitchen also comes equipped with all the essentials including a cooktop, oven, range hood, fridge, and sink!

  • steel frame 
  • R2.0 insulated walls and R3.0 ceiling
  • Base Price: $72,200 AUD / $58,294
  • Price as Pictured: $77,660 AUD / $62,702
  • Available options: A/C, wood burning stove, storage loft
For more information, contact Designer Eco Homes here! You can also view some of the company's other models here!

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Images © Designer Eco Homes

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