January 24, 2018

Graduate Series 6000DLS By Designer Eco Homes

A sleek and modern tiny house that would be perfect as either a main residence or as a guesthouse!

Named the Graduate Series 6000DLS, it's designed and built by Designer Eco (Tiny) Homes, a company based in Ulladulla, Australia.The home's exterior features a beveled red cedar with corrugated metal siding and a metal roof. Inside the home is a double loft layout with a full kitchen, bathroom, a dining/workspace, and a lounge. There are also appliances including such as a cooktop, oven, fridge, and a range hood!

  • steel frame 
  • R2.0 insulated walls and R3.0 ceiling
  • Base Price: $72,200 AUD / $58,294
  • Price as Pictured: $77,660 AUD / $62,702
  • Available options: A/C, wood burning stove, storage loft
For more information, contact Designer Eco Homes here! You can also view some of the company's other models here!

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Images © Designer Eco Homes

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