June 30, 2017

Shipping Container Office / Studio

These modernized shipping containers would make the perfect tiny office or tiny studio!

Available from Dwell Containers, these offices measure 160 sq. ft., and have just enough space for either a small studio tiny home or a tiny workspace.

The tiny studio features a large deck on the front exterior and a glass sliding door entrance. Light colored wood and modern white cabinets along the wall give the tiny studio a spacious feeling. This would be the perfect space for you to come and brainstorm new project ideas or have some ‘me time’ should you need it.

The tiny office is similar to the studio; however, instead of having a countertop with white cabinetry along the wall, there is a light colored wooden desk. Here you can create a productive workspace!

For more information on pricing and these tiny spaces, visit its listing on Tiny House Listings Canada here!

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Images via Tiny House Listings Canada

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