June 30, 2017

Andréanne and Nathaniel's Lumbec Tiny House

Have a look at this comfy, funky home from Tiny House Lumbec!

When you walk into the front door, you will enter the main living area. This tiny house is unique in that the sofa is located up the ladder on the left side of the living area rather than on the main floor.

If you face away from the living area, you will see the staircase (with built-in drawers for extra storage) that leads up to the lofted bedroom on the left and the kitchen on the right. The kitchen has one deep sink and plenty of counter space (with cabinetry) along both walls of the house.

Finally, located past the kitchen is the bathroom.

The utilization of large windows and light/dark wood throughout the house gives the home an open feeling. This is the perfect home for the person that’s going for a modern look, but that also doesn’t mind a bit of color!

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Images © Lumbec

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