April 21, 2017

Little Bitty Tiny House (224 Sq Ft)

Check out this stylish and modern tiny house that's suitable for families!

The current owners of the home is a family with a young child who are moving out of the country and need to sell their house. Named the "Little Bitty House" the home's 224 sq ft interior features two lofts, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room.

There's also a dining room with seating for four that can also be used as a desk.workspace. Even better- the table can be moved to open up the home's layout more when not in use.

The home also has a full bathroom with a tub and composting toilet. In the kitchen, there's a large sink, appliances, and even a dishwasher!

The family is currently using one loft as a living room and the downstairs living room as the kid's room.

The home is currently available in North Carolina and listed at $48,000. See the listing here.

Images via Tiny House Listings

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