October 27, 2016

Upper Valley Tiny Home in Durango (310 Sq Ft)

This beautiful, new build from Upper Valley Tiny Homes measures 30 ft x 8 ft, and has a total interior size of 310 sq ft.

The home is made with a wood frame, a pine exterior, and features insulated wood floors throughout the inside of the space. There's a living room area, a full kitchen, a foldable dining table, a bathroom, and two loft spaces. There's also a total of 17 windows and 2 skylights to flood the home with natural light!

The home also comes outfitted with a four-burner propane stove,  refrigerator and a washer/dryer combination. There's also a compost toilet, grey water storage, and a storage shed on the home's exterior.

The home is off-grid ready and comes equipped with 1000 watt solar panels. There's also a 50 amp outlet and city water hookups.

The home is available for sale in Durango, Colorado, for $64,200, from the home's first owner.

Be sure to check out a video tour of the home below!


Images © Upper Valley Tiny Homes, and via Tiny House Listings

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