September 13, 2016

Tiny Houses in Detroit

In Detroit, the Cass Community Social Services has launched a project to build tiny houses for low-income residents. They're currently in the process of having 7 finished by October with plans to build a total of 25 as more funding becomes available.

The houses range in size from 250 sq ft to 400 sq ft. They'll be offered as a rent-to-own model and tenants should be able to acquire ownership within seven years. Tenants will start with a rental lease before moving onto a land contract and then graduate to ownership.

The home pictured here is 300 sq ft and will have a deck added to the back for additional living space. This one cost about $48,000 to build and will be available for rent at $300 a month, plus about another $32 for heating.

In addition to an option for affordable housing, the project is also a solution to repopulating the area it's in. There are currently around 300 vacant homes within a mile radius of the new development.

Read more about the project here on Curbed: Detroit.

Images © Curbed Detroit

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