February 01, 2016

The Emerald From Tiny Heirloom

From Tiny Heirlooms is The Emerald, a 24-foot long tiny home on wheels.

Base models at Tiny Heirlooms start at $79,000, although their website states that you can currently purchase a refurbished model of The Emerald for a “heavy discount”.

The company, based in Portland, Oregon, offers basic packages with pretty generous inclusions such as granite countertops, painted or stained cabinets, real wood or bamboo flooring, a Dickinson p12000 heater, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer combo unit, painted or stained interior and exterior, insulation, and free shipping to any state in continental USA.

The homes also come equipped with in-house speakers, LED lighting, and smoke detectors.

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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