January 31, 2016

The Tiny Hall House (196 Sq Ft)

How cozy does this tiny house look?

The exterior resembles a rather traditional home, but the inside perfectly blends chic and rustic into a cozy space.

The house measures 196 square feet, and has everything from a loft bedroom, living/dining space, and a cute little garden outside.

The owner’s kitchen set-up is something I found particularly interesting. The stove in the kitchen is actually a mobile appliance that can be stored away when not in use. The home’s owner runs a blog on Tumblr where they share photos and answer questions about their tiny house. Regarding their kitchen, they shared this:

"Yes indeed we do have a stove, but it’s not installed into the counter itself. We wanted to have the choice of having more countertop space when we needed it. It’s approx 5.5′ of counter space which is cut into by the sink. We use an induction stove, Fagor Brand, we also have a little Cusinart Toaster Oven that we can pull out if we want to bake or roast etc. We kind of went for what we could put away, and pull out as we needed. I little bit more effort, but for us it’s worked out. The stove fits, nicely under our stairs so super easy."
If the cooktop appeals to you, you can buy it on Amazon for $89: Fagor Ucook Induction Cooktop, Black

Be sure to follow Tiny Hall House on Tumblr to follow the home’s progress or ask additional questions!

Images via Tiny Hall House on Tumblr

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