June 13, 2023

Elevate By Acorn Tiny Homes

Take a look at "Elevate"; a tiny house created and built by Acorn Tiny Homes.

The homeowner's plans to pursue law school in England were disrupted by the pandemic, leading them to seek an alternative housing solution that offered a secure and private space for studying. While living at home was an option, it didn't provide the ideal living situation for everyone involved. In collaboration with their parents, they decided to explore the concept of a tiny home as a secondary suite on their property. The added benefit was that once the homeowner was ready to move, the tiny home could be repurposed as an income property that could be rented out.

The design of this tiny house includes a remarkable bathroom that showcases meticulous attention to detail. To keep costs down, standard Ikea cabinetry and closets were incorporated, making it a budget-friendly option for the future student-owner. Additionally, since the homeowner has two dogs, their needs were also taken into account during the design process. An elevator bed design was implemented to provide accessibility to the bed while maximizing the spacious and well-lit study area.

Featuring abundant windows that offer breathtaking views, 10-foot ceilings throughout, and a bathroom that occupies a significant portion of the floor plan, this budget-priced tiny home provides a sense of luxury comparable to a downtown condo without the associated hassles or price tag. The home is equipped with remote-controlled window blinds and a lifting bed, adding convenience and ease of use. The bright and modern bathroom design adds to the overall appeal of the home. The use of spray foam insulation ensures optimal energy efficiency.

Images © Acorn Tiny Homes

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