December 16, 2017

Self-Sustaining Lumbec Tiny House

Tiny House Lumbec has just finished its newest tiny house! The 26' home is a custom build that will be totally self-sufficient!

The home comes with a battery system and a generator. The home's new owner plans to add solar panels in the spring, which will make the home totally off-grid!

The interior features a double staircase that leads up to the home's loft bedroom and an entertainment loft. There's also a living room area at the home's entrance with a built-in sofa and a closet. The kitchen comes equipped with a three-burner cooktop and propane range, a full-sized fridge, open shelving, and plenty of cabinet space. There's also a bathroom with a composting toilet!

If you like this home, be sure to check out Lumbec's other homes: the Micro House and the TH2.

You can also reach out to the company here for questions and/or inquiries!


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Images ©  Tiny House Lumbec

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