September 24, 2016

Minimaliste's Le Chêne Tiny House

Another beautiful tiny house from Minimaliste Tiny Houses!

Named "Le Chene" (which translates to "The Oak"), the home is a stunning modern space and rather roomy at 300 sq ft, plus an 80 sq ft loft.

The home's exterior is made from a white cedar, the majority of which is sealed with a polyurethane based varnish to keep the wood's natural colour. The rest of the wood exterior was dyed black to create a nice, contrasting look.

The interior of the home features engineered red oak flooring and a knotted pine ceiling. There's a relatively spacious kitchen, a foldable dining table, a bathroom with a hidden washing machine, and what looks like a wood-burning fireplace.

Le Chene is also self-sustained for water. There's a 250 gal. potable water tank and a 40 gal. hot water tank to supply the home's hydro needs.

The home was sold to a customer who will be using the home as a year-round retreat. They'll also be adding a porch for an outdoor area to relax in.

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Minimaliste Tiny Houses - Defying conventions
ET VOILÀ! Nous avions bien hâte de vous montrer notre dernière réalisation, le modèle Chêne! Cette énorme micro-maison sur roues a été conçu spécialement pour notre client, en fonction de ses besoins bien précis. Vous trouverez plus de détails sur notre blogue. Merci de nous aider à propager cette belle réalisation :) Musique: Shakey Graves / Roll the Bones
Posted by Minimaliste on Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Images © J-P Marquis, Minimaliste Tiny Homes

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