September 04, 2023

Vesta 32 By California Tiny House

Fresno, CA // 350 Sq.Ft. // $139,050 // By California Tiny House

Presenting the "Vesta 32," a remarkable creation by California Tiny House located in Fresno, CA. This innovative model series is a culmination of countless inquiries and numerous builds, incorporating the most sought-after features and materials. An intriguing fact: "Vesta" is a nod to the mythological goddess of hearth and home. This particular model is available in a 32'-10' trailer size, and there are exciting plans for future variations, including a 24'-studio and a 40' two-bedroom version.

Step inside the Vesta and you'll be greeted by an interior designed to amplify the tiny home experience. The strategic placement of windows floods the space with natural light, creating a sense of expansiveness that transcends the confines of the walls. With views extending in every direction, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor environments blur, offering a perception of spaciousness. Despite its compact size, the layout strikes a harmonious balance between extensive window coverage and available wall space. The generously sized windows, extending to their maximum height, not only enhance the brightness but also provide panoramic views even in challenging or confined locations. The window arrangement ensures adequate cross-ventilation, while the multi-pane Low-E tempered glass contributes to exceptional climate retention.

Technical specifications of the Vesta 32 are as follows:
  • Trailer Base Size (LxW): 32' x 10' (384"x120")
  • Overall Base (LxW): 37.5' x 10.5' (450"x126")
  • Overall Height (H): 13.5' (162")
  • Total Weight (Dry lb): 15,000lb - 15,900lb
  • Power Input: 50A Service
  • Water Input: Standard (RV Style) Hose
  • Climate System: 12k BTU Mini-Split

Perhaps the most appealing feature is the immediate availability of the Vesta. Unlike previous models, there is no lengthy waitlist or extended build time. These tiny houses are ready for delivery right now, ensuring that your dream of owning one can be realized without delay. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Vesta stands at $139,050. This masterfully designed tiny house is not just a living space; it's a lifestyle choice that encapsulates comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

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