August 09, 2023

Writer's Studio Cabin (400 Sq Ft)

In the bustling urban landscape of Arlington, Virginia, one writer sought solace and inspiration in the form of a serene retreat. Collaborating with architect Bulent Baydar of Harrison Design, the vision for a 400-square-foot work studio came to life. Tucked away in a picturesque setting behind a residential property, this contemporary wood-and-glass-clad studio offers a seamless connection between the interior and the surrounding natural environment. 

Nestled amidst a tree-lined expanse, Harrison Design meticulously crafted a tranquil haven tailored to meet the needs of screenwriter, Matthew Michael Carnahan. The focal point of the studio is its back wall, adorned with two columns of book-filled shelving that can be effortlessly pushed open, revealing hidden gems within. Here, discreetly concealed, lies a small yet functional bathroom and storage space that seamlessly integrate into the studio's overall design, maintaining an uncluttered and visually pleasing aesthetic.

The studio's architectural charm is further enhanced by its angled roofline, which amplifies the sense of verticality within the 400-square-foot space. Alongside this unique roofline, a thoughtfully designed terrace invites the writer to embrace the beauty of the outdoors without leaving the comfort of their creative sanctuary. Embracing the concept of indoor-outdoor living, wraparound NanaWall folding doors connect the interior to the enchanting surroundings, creating an oasis where inspiration can flow freely.

Raw and organic materials play a vital role in harmonizing the studio's modern design with the natural elements that encompass it. The warmth of the cedar ceiling and the floor, carefully crafted from weathered planks sourced from reclaimed oak whiskey barrels, infuses the contemporary space with a sense of rustic charm. These natural elements seamlessly coexist with the glass, steel, and dark charcoal-colored trim, creating a perfect balance between modernity and a warm, inviting ambiance.

The intentional use of reclaimed materials not only adds character to the studio but also aligns with sustainable design principles. It showcases the architect's commitment to creating spaces that tread lightly on the environment while providing a sanctuary for the writer to unleash their creativity.

By incorporating reclaimed materials and embracing sustainable design principles, this working studio represents a model for eco-conscious architecture. Aspiring architects and homeowners alike can draw inspiration from the fusion of modernity and rustic charm that defines this remarkable space.

Images by Gordon Beall

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