August 08, 2023

Rainbow Valley Tiny House (288 Sq Ft)

SquareOne Villages’ Emerald Village in Eugene, Oregon, is a tiny house community that provides permanent homes for low-income families and individuals. The homes are built by various builders in and around the city, and all offer a unique living space for those in need. The one pictured here is built by Rainbow Valley Design and Construction.

One of the standout features of the Rainbow Valley tiny house is its sustainable and simple design. The community's tiny homes are designed to be affordable, energy-efficient, and easy to build. Each home is designed and built by volunteers and donated to the community by local architects and builders.

The roof is a simple vault that gets higher over the main living space, creating room for a storage loft, allowing in natural light, and giving volume to the small footprint living room. The homes also feature covered porches on the front and back, lockable exterior storage, and 82 square feet of porches and exterior storage.

The home has 288 square feet of heated living space, including a living/dining space with built-in storage and a vaulted ceiling, a compact kitchen with space for a hotplate and microwave, an enclosed bedroom with built-in desk and armoire, a bathroom with a tub/shower, and a loft space for storage or an extra bed.

Because SquareOne Villages is working with volunteers in other cities to develop similar communities, the homes were designed to be simple to build and use common, inexpensive materials and systems. Additionally, the walls can be pre-fabricated off-site, and if the plan is mirrored, it can be used to create a duplex.

SquareOne Villages’ Emerald Village Eugene is a shining example of sustainable and simple design, and its benefits when it comes to affordable housing. The tiny homes provide permanent homes for people with low incomes and offer a way for volunteers and builders to get involved in their community and make a difference. If you're interested in volunteering or supporting the community in other ways, reach out to SquareOne Villages to learn more about how you can help!

Images © Rainbow Valley Design and Construction

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