August 22, 2023

Nutchel Forest Cabins

Nestled within the forest village of Nutchel in Plaine, these wooden cabins offer a serene escape into nature's embrace. According to the travel blog, Les Globe Blogueurs, the concept of Nutchel, born in the Belgian Ardennes, has brought forth eco-designed wooden cabins immersed in the heart of nature, creating spaces for complete rejuvenation.

In Plaine, Alsace, the choice of location for Nutchel was purposeful. Once an abandoned traditional holiday village, the project aimed to restore and reintegrate the area with nature. Over 3000 trees have been meticulously planted, weaving a tapestry of greenery amidst the cabins, inviting guests into an authentic nature experience. Through this harmonious connection with the forest, Nutchel aspires to foster disconnection from the bustle of daily life, inviting visitors to savor moments of togetherness and tranquility.

The cabins, artfully spaced to preserve the natural beauty, provide unobstructed views of the breathtaking Vosges mountains. The landscape seamlessly accommodates the multiple huts, creating a picturesque harmony between architecture and the surrounding environment.

As one steps inside the cabin, a sense of warmth and coziness envelops them. Crafted entirely from wood, the interior is meticulously designed to optimize every corner. A private Nordic bath beckons from the terrace, promising relaxation in the open air.

The cabin's kitchen features a gas hob, sink, and a gas barbecue on the terrace, while an airtight box serves as a refrigerator. Rooted in the ethos of returning to basics while maintaining comfort, the cabin provides hot water for showers but not for dishwashing, encouraging a simple yet functional lifestyle. Ice packs for the communal shed replace conventional fridges, fostering a sense of community responsibility.

For evening illumination, solar and oil lamps grace the space, along with wood and supplies for a cozy fire, thanks to the presence of a stove. Sleeping areas ingeniously stacked accommodate up to six people, with inventive layouts catering to different preferences.

Embracing the essence of coziness, the cabin also features a spacious room furnished with a coffee/tea area, a library, and a toy library, offering moments of leisure and reflection in the heart of nature's haven.


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