August 05, 2023

"Marrow" By West Wood Tiny

Guillaume, a 27-year-old mechatronics engineer, enlisted the expertise of West Wood Tiny to create his dream tiny house, affectionately named "Marrow." The unique design blends wood and metal elements, infusing the tiny home with an industrial yet welcoming ambiance.

Inside the compact living space, the kitchen steals the spotlight with its eye-catching worktop and shelves crafted from industrial plates, adding a touch of modernity. Upstairs, the layout divides into two distinct areas - one side features a relaxing hanging net, while the other houses a cozy sleeping space. Underneath the suspended net, a versatile lounge area with a large sofa bed provides additional sleeping accommodations.

The kitchen is ingeniously designed, boasting clever storage solutions that optimize functionality and organization. Towards the rear of the tiny house, a traditional shower and a separate toilet offer practical convenience.

The name "Marrow" holds deep personal significance for Guillaume. In December 2018, during a professional training stint in Italy, he was unexpectedly hospitalized and diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called spinal aplasia. Returning to France, Guillaume underwent extensive treatment, including chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, with his younger brother as the generous donor.

Throughout his healing journey, Guillaume found solace in reflecting on his life vision and future aspirations. The idea of a Tiny House emerged as an ideal housing project - a debt-free and mobile living solution that aligns with his uncertain yet promising future.

The name "Marrow" beautifully encapsulates the resilience and strength Guillaume displayed during his challenging times, turning adversity into an inspiring tale of hope and determination. Beyond its innovative engineering and thoughtful design, "Marrow" stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit, symbolizing a new beginning and a brighter future ahead.

Images © Laurent Merle Photographies

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