August 22, 2023

Bungalow Volde

Introducing Bungalow Volde, a tiny house retreat located in Kocaeli, Turkey. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom haven accommodates two guests, providing a comfortable and minimalist living space.

The bungalow features a small front porch with an outdoor dining table for two, allowing guests to enjoy meals amidst the serene surroundings. Inside, a functional living room area provides a cozy space to unwind.

A loft bedroom, accessible by stairs, offers a queen-sized bed for a restful sleep. The kitchenette is equipped for basic meal preparation, while the bathroom includes a generously sized soaking tub for relaxation.

The accommodation extends to an outdoor fire pit, offering an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm. With a focus on simplicity and comfort, Bungalov Volde provides a practical and peaceful retreat for those seeking a getaway in Kocaeli.

Images © Hello Villam

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