July 15, 2023

The Urban Park Max by Tru Form Tiny Homes

Eugene, OR // $187,000 // By Tru Form Tiny Homes

The Urban Park Max, built by Tru Form Tiny Homes in Eugene, Oregon, is a stunning example of their urban modern design style. With a length of 37 feet, this park model home offers a spacious and contemporary living space.

The Urban Park Max features a unique design that includes a large loft, a main floor master bedroom, storage stairs, a folding door opening, and an open concept layout. It presents a modern twist on the traditional farmhouse style showcased by the Villa Max model.

Inside the Urban Park Max, is an open-concept kitchen and living room area, providing a seamless flow between the two spaces. The vaulted ceilings add to the sense of openness and spaciousness throughout the home.

The main floor master bedroom is a highlight of the Urban Park Max. Sliding glass doors lead to the bedroom and allow natural light to fill the space. The room is illuminated with LED lights and features a custom-built closet, offering ample storage for clothing and belongings.

With a starting price of $187,000, the Urban Park Max is built-to-order and can be customized to meet the unique preferences and needs of each homeowner. Tru Form Tiny Homes specializes in delivering personalized and high-quality tiny homes to their customers.

Experience modern urban living in the Urban Park Max, where thoughtful design and customization come together to create a comfortable and stylish home.

Images © Tru Form Tiny Homes

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