July 26, 2023

The Neolith Tiny House (425 Sq.Ft.)

The Neolith Tiny House, a collaborative project between Neolith,  a company that specializes in Sintered Stone, and the architectural and interior design firm of Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs (JBBD), embodies the concept of living big in small spaces. This experiential home serves as a showcase for the versatile applications of Neolith surfacing material, which can be found throughout the structure in the form of countertops, flooring, walls, and exterior cladding.

Measuring 425 sq.ft., The Neolith Tiny House offers all the amenities of a custom home, including a full-size kitchen, two bathrooms, a loft bedroom, a home theater, and a patio with a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

JBBD believes that tiny house living is about being responsible without compromising on design and functionality. The Neolith Tiny House exemplifies this philosophy by providing beautiful living spaces, luxury, and advanced organization solutions, all within a compact footprint.

In addition to showcasing Neolith's various applications, The Neolith Tiny House also aligns with environmentally conscious principles, making it an ideal representation of sustainable tiny living. The thin and lightweight Neolith slabs used in the construction are not only durable and resistant to UV exposure and temperature changes but also contribute to the house's mobility and eco-friendly design.

The Neolith Tiny House is an attraction within the Atlanta Design Festival MA! Architecture Tour of 2017, further emphasizing its innovative design and commitment to responsible living.

Images via Architizer, Inc. 

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