July 07, 2023

The Lena Tiny House (272 Sq.Ft.)

Greer, SC // 272 Sq.Ft. // $84,900 (2019) // By Olive Nest Tiny Homes

The Lena tiny house offers a compact and stylish living space, measuring 272 square feet with dimensions of 32'x8.5'. This well-designed home features a range of exterior and interior features to enhance comfort and functionality.

On the exterior, the Lena tiny house showcases a 32'x8.5' trailer with three 7k axles for easy mobility. The black standing seam metal roof and black batten board Hardie siding provide a sleek and modern look. The large windows, including a glass front door and rear door, allow ample natural light to illuminate the interior. The exterior is finished with 1x8 cedar shiplap siding.

Inside the Lena tiny house, you'll find a range of features to meet your needs. The kitchen is equipped with energy-efficient appliances, including an Energy Star 24" top freezer refrigerator, a Cuisinart convection oven/microwave, and a two-burner gas range. A washer/dryer combo unit provides convenience for laundry needs. The bathroom features a ceramic and pebble tile shower and a traditional toilet. The interior is finished with 6" shiplap walls and ceiling, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The Lena tiny house is designed for comfort and efficiency. It includes two mini-split units for heating and air conditioning, ensuring optimal temperature control. The use of closed-cell spray foam insulation throughout the floor, walls, and ceiling helps maintain a comfortable interior climate. LED lighting with dimmer switches provides customizable illumination.

Sleeping arrangements in the Lena tiny house include an exterior lower bedroom with RV queen memory foam beds and a loft bedroom with two twin memory foam beds. The home also features a large closet with shelves and a two-level hanging bar for storage needs.

The Lena tiny house offers a combination of modern aesthetics and practical features, making it an attractive and functional living space. Last sold in 2019 for $84,900, it provides a compact and affordable housing option for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle.


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