July 08, 2023

Sunset Tiny House

Launching Place, Australia // 155 Sq.Ft // $45,000 to $90,000+ // By Tiny House by Hangan

Tiny House by Hangan proudly presents the Sunset model, a beautifully designed and versatile tiny house built in Launching Place, Australia. With a length of 6 meters, this model offers a comfortable and functional living space for individuals or couples.

The Sunset is available in two options: a base model from $45,000 or a completed model from $90,000, providing flexibility based on your budget and preferences.

Measuring 2.4 meters in width and 3.6 meters in height, the Sunset offers a generous square meterage of 14.4m2. It can comfortably sleep 2-4 people, making it an ideal choice for small families or those looking for extra space.

Standard inclusions in the Sunset model include 240 Volt/Solar Ready Wiring, waterproof hybrid flooring, black tapware throughout, electric hot water, electric cooktop, MDF lining boards for internal lining, LED downlights, and a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Split System 2.5KW for climate control.

The Sunset features double-glazed windows, providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency. The Weathertex exterior cladding adds durability and a modern aesthetic, while the Colorbond skillion roof completes the stylish look.

Inside the Sunset, you will find thoughtful design elements. The kitchen area includes a stainless steel sink, bar-size fridge space, and a handmade Tasmanian Oak benchtop, combining functionality and elegance. A breakfast bar offers a convenient space for dining or working.

The bathroom features a full-size shower (900x900mm) and a ceramic basin. The tiled bathroom adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

The Sunset offers a floor-level bed, providing easy access and comfort. A queen-size bed box offers additional storage space underneath, optimizing the use of the area.

The tiny house also includes plenty of storage throughout, allowing for efficient organization and keeping the living space clutter-free. A large viewing window provides ample natural light and a connection to the surrounding environment.

Designed for both comfort and style, the Sunset by Tiny House by Hangan offers a compact and well-appointed living solution. With its practical features, including a full-size shower, kitchen and breakfast bar, and thoughtful storage options, it provides a cozy and functional space to call home.

Images via Airbnb

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