July 13, 2023

San Jose Cottage ADU (373 Sq.Ft.)

San Jose, CA // 373 Sq.Ft. // By Cottage

A stunning ADU in San Jose has added valuable space for hosting and working. With 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, this ADU spans 373 square feet, providing a versatile and functional living area. The homeowners had long envisioned utilizing their expansive backyard more effectively, envisioning an ADU that could serve as a guest house, home office, and entertainment space. They also had future plans to transform their backyard into the ultimate entertainment area, complete with a pool, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen.

Initially exploring prefabricated ADU options, the homeowners encountered challenges due to their backyard's unique two levels of elevation. Prefab designs did not align with their property and limited their ability to realize their specific vision for the ADU. However, working closely with the Cottage team, a custom design was created that perfectly met their needs and preferences.

The Cottage designers ensured seamless integration of the ADU into the backyard, maintaining a spacious feel while incorporating contemporary elements, abundant natural light, and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The homeowners were thrilled to have the opportunity to provide input on the design and appreciated Cottage's assistance with permitting and collaborating with a trusted contractor partner.

The final result is a stunning ADU with cedar wood siding, a vaulted ceiling, and a three-panel accordion door that beautifully merges the indoor and outdoor areas, creating a distinct and inviting atmosphere. The family is already enjoying the versatile space, using it for work and occasionally gathering for special movie nights. The ADU has undoubtedly transformed its backyard into an inviting hangout space, fulfilling its vision for a functional and enjoyable living area.

Images © Cottage

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