July 13, 2023

Palo Alto Garage Conversion (227 Sq.Ft.)

Palo Alto, CA // 227 Sq.Ft/ // By Cottage 

In Palo Alto, California, this recent construction of an attached ADU has seamlessly integrated with the architecture and construction of the main house, leaving neighbors amazed at the transformation. The outdoor covered driveway space was converted into a stylish ADU, enhancing the curb appeal of the main home while providing a private entrance for the ADU tenant and preserving the backyard space for the homeowners' enjoyment.

By extending the former garage, the homeowners successfully incorporated the attached ADU into the efficient footprint of their primary residence. The unit quickly found a tenant, a local university professional who was willing to pay above-market rent for a studio of comparable size.

The home's before

The home's after

A separate walkway and entrance from the sidewalk ensured complete privacy for the ADU tenant while adhering to Palo Alto's ADU regulations and eliminated the need for additional parking since the ADU replaced part of the garage space.

To maintain visual harmony with the existing home and the neighborhood, the homeowners ensured that the new ADU matched the look and feel of their residence. The ADU was skillfully designed to seamlessly blend with the main home, aligning with the garage roofline, matching the stucco and roofing tiles, and incorporating a second dormer. The result was a visually unified and appealing property that garnered praise from both the homeowners and their longtime neighbors.

Every detail, from the entrance to the exterior facade, was meticulously considered throughout the design and construction process. Despite the modest 227 sq ft size, the Cottage team created a sense of spaciousness with 15-foot vaulted ceilings and ample natural light streaming through large windows. The efficiency kitchen, featuring a modern two-burner induction cooktop, was strategically positioned to maximize space utilization. Even the microwave oven doubled as a convection oven, showcasing the efficient use of square footage without compromising on appliances.

The interior finishes and details were chosen for their quality and durability, enhancing the overall appeal of the space. White oak-engineered hardwood floors, a custom tile-in shower, a porcelain sink, and a custom quartz bathroom vanity counter added elegance to the ADU. The in-unit LG under-counter smart washer/dryer provided convenience and functionality typically found in larger apartment complexes.

The custom, stick-built ADU showcased superior craftsmanship, evident in every aspect, from recessed lighting fixtures in the vaulted ceilings to the meticulous window casings and baseboard work. Cable TV and internet hook-ups were pre-installed for immediate use. The ADU's cleverly designed cabinetry in the bathroom and kitchen ensured ample and versatile storage options, maximizing the functionality of the high-end single-family home.

The new tenant, utilizing their eye for space planning, furnished the Cottage ADU with efficient furniture pieces. A pull-out trundle bed/daybed, spacious mirrored wardrobe, combination desk/dining table, mirrored entryway cabinet, and under-window bench showcased their smart utilization of every inch of the floor plan.

Images © Cottage

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