July 26, 2023

City Cottage (150 Sq.Ft.)

City Cottage, located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, presents a modern interpretation of traditional summer huts on the shores of the city. This 14-square-meter cottage offers an ecologically conscious alternative to a summer house, built with sustainability in mind by Finnish architecture firm, Verstas.

Constructed in 2010, the 14m2 (about 150 sq.ft.) City Cottage showcases efficient space utilization and low energy consumption, making it an ideal choice for vacationing. Situated within reach of public transport, it provides easy access to the city while maintaining a serene environment.

Inside, the cottage features a thoughtful layout where the entrance and kitchen merge seamlessly with the living space, maximizing functionality. The cozy sofas in the living area can effortlessly be converted into sleeping spaces for three individuals, and an additional sleeping spot can be found in the loft area.

Drawing inspiration from boats and caravans, the City Cottage is designed with multifunctionality in mind. For instance, the kitchen area can be transformed into a practical homework desk for children, adding to its versatility and adaptability for various needs.

City Cottage offers a unique and eco-conscious experience, providing a delightful retreat on the Helsinki shores, perfect for those seeking a blend of modern comfort and environmental awareness during their vacation.

Images byAndreas Meichsner

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